Versace Experience


Forget gym memberships, here is one membership you will love to use.

  • Ever wished you could have all the hair treatments you ever wanted, whenever you wanted, regardless of how much money is in your purse?
  • Ever wanted a movie star budget to spend on all the pampering you could wish for?

Of course, which one of us hasn’t wanted all of those things?

Well now you can!

As a VIP, you can come in whenever you like and have whatever service you like and not pay a cent.

You can come in everyday for a year, for a minute, an hour or a day! You will feel like a kid in the world’s biggest candy shop.

When you choose to be a Versace VIP with Twisted Desire, you pay the set fee upfront to use on services until your credit runs out.

This is an amazing offer for an exclusive number of clients per year.

Why would we do this, you ask? Because we are guaranteed to keep you as a client for the next 12 months, and when your friends notice how polished and classy you are (and that you look years younger from all of your free pamper services) they will want to visit us too.

Why limited memberships? Because we have calculated the maximum number of clients we can look after under this program.

So what is the Versace Experience and how much does it cost?

the other half due in 6 weeks

You get ABSOLUTE unlimited access to all the salons services (excluding extensions).
We even encourage you to share your membership with family and friends (unlike a gym membership). Shout your mum, daughter, bestie a salon visit for their birthday! All on your membership.

Terms & Conditions:

Membership runs out when your balance is $0.00
10% off all hair and beauty products for Versace VIPS Cannot be used on other promotional offers or products

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