Did you know that our salon recycles and repurposes 95% of its waste?  Our bins are the bright purple ones in the carpark and they are locked to prevent contamination. We are committed to sustainable growth that encourages social responsibility and respect for the planet.

This simple initiative can make all the difference to what was once landfill waste become a future resource.  Rather than contaminating the waterways, excess shampoo and hair colour waste now go to a chemical recycler.  Plastics are also recycled into construction material and gardening equipment.

What’s more, our Twisted Team love that the proceeds from recycling benefit the community through several programs. Every kilo of recycled aluminium helps Oz Harvest fund four meals for the homeless. Ponytails go to the Variety Charity to provide wigs to children with alopecia, while cut hair is made into booms used to absorb oil spills.

Every haircut helps save the planet. We actively participate in the Sustainable Salons program and were recently awarded a Certificate of Positive Impact ~ high fives all round!!!

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