What were you doing 10 years ago?  I found myself reflecting on my life a decade ago.  I had two primary school aged children, my marriage was over but I had a great, secure job teaching hair in the city at a private academy.  The burn was real, I dreamed of having my own salon.  I have always loved teaching and learning, so I decided to take a leap of faith and start this adventure.  On 12 November 2009 I threw an opening party and Twisted Desire was born! WELL here’s 10 things I would tell that ambitious, brave and absolutely crazy young Anita:

1.  You’ve got this, it’s going to be so hard and emotionally testing at times but you can do it.
2.  Learn your numbers!  The sooner the better.  Outsource accounting and bookkeeping but understand those numbers and work with your accountant.
3.  Progression, not perfection.  Nothing will ever be perfect, just keep moving forward.
4.  Look into the mirror – stay true to your values and always be honest with yourself.
5.  There will be haters but no hater will ever be doing better than you.
6.  Your team are everything, nurture them.  Soon, you will work out quickly, who fits and who doesn’t.
7.  There are amazing, talented people in your community connect, share and spend time with likeminded people.
8.  Look after yourself.  Business is tough and your health needs to be prioritised.
9.  Forgive yourself.  You will make mistakes, a LOT of mistakes.  Learn the lesson and move on.
10.  Always remember your why.  Those beautiful young children (who are now fabulous adults!) are the sole reason this began.  I want them to have an independent, strong role model that has the courage to risk everything so that we could enjoy our lives in this beautiful community.

We have loved every moment of service and family life in this community and would love to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being so supportive over the last 10 years.  Wait till you see what I’ve got planned for the next 10 😉

With love and gratitude,
Anita. x

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