Twisted has reached a turning point, again! This is one, I am very familiar with.  As I lean into the change, my team are a little excited (not nervous! Although the tummy butterflies are the same) for their new roles and responsibilities.  As our salon like takes this leap, two team members will feel it most:

  1. Docs is qualified, she has gathered the last of her evidence and theory to earn a Certificat in Hairdressing.  If you have ever been in her chair, you know how ready she is – I am so proud of the effort and attitude she has brought to the salon every day.
  2. Micaela has moved into a full-time position as our 1st-year apprentice.  You have probably met her already as she helped out around school commitments last year.  This gorgeous girl has committed to intensive training with me and has already started cutting hair, impressing me with her technique.

This is how I like to build my team, everyone moving along in their career, supported and encouraged to take the next steps.  I feel that hairdressing is often undervalued as a profession.  Both by the public and hairdressers themselves.  This is a profession like any other profession.  Both by the public and hairdressers themselves.  This is a profession like any other profession, hairdressers study for 4 years (sometimes more) to earn their qualification.  Just like an optometrist, mechanic or accountant.  They need a degree in psychology some days 🙂 and mix chemicals like scientists when correcting or personalising hair colour.  This is a qualification that is recognised globally and is completely recession-proof.  I believe a good hairdresser is important as a good doctor.  I know the difference between a good hairdresser or doctor, and an average one.  Education is the difference.  It builds confidence and it is never done.

I am confident that our team is empowered to deliver world-class hair.  Everyone is exactly where they should be and I am honoured to be mentoring them through their next level.

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