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Winter Wowzers

Winter Wowzers

Well, the cooler weather will change your hairstyle – windswept, anyone?  A little drier?  Don’t start with me about static, everything I touch seems to zap me these days and those flyaway hairs are standing on end.

This is the time to add an extra deep conditioning hair mask to your routine or pop in for an indulgent treatment experience with us.  Our personalised hair masks will add shine and moisture.  We will dazzle you with a spine-tingling scalp massage, finished off with a hot towel wrap.  Your hair will be more manageable, touchable and super glossy.

Our apprentices are stopping traffic with their red carpet blow-dries that will continue through August at the reduced rate of $30.  So, if you need a recharge, treat yourself and say goodbye to bad hair days.

3 Easy Tips To Winter-Proof Your Hair

3 Easy Tips To Winter-Proof Your Hair


Love them or hate them, they always have great hair

With winter firmly upon us, our locks need a little extra TLC so they don’t turn dry, dull and withered thanks to all that time spent huddled over the heater. But what precisely should we do to winter-proof our hair? Vogue asked Colombini to share his best seasonal switch-ups, so the cool temps don’t rob us of our lustrous locks. Here, the celebrity stylist shares his three best weather-proofing tips.

Seasonal shampoo switch-up: “As the seasons change our beauty regimen should also change. During the winter our hair and skin tend to be the driest. Just as you would use a heavier face cream [in winter], our shampoo and conditioner should also be stepped up with extra moisture to keep or hair from getting dull.”

Stop seasonal breakage: “The number one reason we get hair breakage is colour processing and the number two is environmental. Depending on the degree of breakage I recommend any kind of protein building hair mask.”

Brighten up dull locks: “If you ain’t got shine it ain’t going to be shiny, so fake it until you make it. I love hair oil [to fake shiny tresses].”

Are you ready for the Christmas season?

Are you ready for the Christmas season?

Is your appointment booked?  Better get on it, we are almost at capacity for this month and have started taking our waiting list for popular times. Our Twisted Team have each had a little holiday in November to recharge and reset for our busiest month of the year.  If you have a party, graduation or Christmas do we have upskilled and have some fabulous tricks to share with you to get you hitting the party season with confidence and flair.

I’ve been busy improving our salon with some fabulous fun, here’s the latest:

  • We are now accepting American Express, this recent collaboration will help you claim great rewards every time you have your hair done.
  • We are having a mini facelift in the new year, stay tuned for a Twisted little reno.
  • Our Twisted 10th Birthday celebration was a huge success and the vouchers were a sell-out.  As a result, January and February are quite busy, so book your 2020 appointments now.
  • Introducing Twisted Memberships … from as little as $39 per week you can now have your hair done with an easy direct deposit weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
  • Our bonbon promo is kicking off again with a $200 voucher hidden in one lucky bonbon!  Everyone is a winner.

I am excited to wrap the year with such an amazing team and I want to thank you for your loyal support.  Every time you sit in our chairs we will do our best to give you an outstanding experience and fabulous hair.  From our Twisted Family to yours ~ Merry Christmas!!! We look forward to pampering you and your loved ones.


Anita. x

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